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SEASON 1, Dig Deeper on Chiplets: What Have We Learned?

Junko and Bola join Ron Wilson, our technology editor and the host of The Ojo-Yoshida Report's Dig Deeper on Chiplets series, to compare notes.
Dig Deeper on Chiplets, Season 1: What Have We Learned?

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By Junko Yoshida

The Ojo-Yoshida Report began a five-episode videocast, “Dig Deeper on Chiplets,” in November. 

One more episode (“China Goes for Chiplets“) remains to go on air. In the meantime, however, to help our audience catch up, we held a wrap-up session with the series’ host Ron Wilson, our Technology Editor. 

The promise of chiplets has taken the industry by storm. But as we have maintained, a host of technical challenges remains, with serious questions about how the emerging ecosystem around 2.5D and 3D integration might disaggregate the semiconductor industry landscape as we know it. Is this a threat or an opportunity?

Based on the video interviews in our five “Dig Deeper” episodes, Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo join Ron Wilson, to compare notes, discuss what we’ve learned, and look forward to learning more in our upcoming 2024 Season Two.

<<SEASON 1>>

Episode 1
What’s a Chiplet? Why Now? 
Guests: John Lorenz, Yole Intelligence/Ron Wilson, Technology Editor at the Ojo-Yoshida Report

Episode 2
Why Carmakers Want Chiplets 
Guest: Bart Plackle, Imec

Episode 3
EDA’s Role in Chiplets 
Guest: Shekhar Kapoor, Synopsys

Episode 4
I/O for Chiplets
Guest: Tony Mastroiani, Siemens EDA

Episode 5
China Goes for Chiplets  
Youtube video for this episode is now available.
Guest: Wayne Dai, VeriSilicon

Junko Yoshida is the editor in chief of The Ojo-Yoshida Report. She can be reached at

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