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ST and GlobalFoundries Plan New 300mm Europe Chip Plant

By Bolaji Ojo STMicroelectronics NV and U.S.-based contract chipmaker GlobalFoundries Inc. said they have agreed to establish a new 300mm semiconductor manufacturing fab in France with “significant financial support” from the French government. They expect the new fab to start production in 2024 and become fully operational by 2026 when it should start producing up… Read More »ST and GlobalFoundries Plan New 300mm Europe Chip Plant
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What Caught Our Eye This Week

Semiconductor inventory hikes, BYD Unseats Tesla, China export controls
silicon photonics ecosystem

Silicon Photonics: Who Should Be on Your Radar and Why

The player roster is as long and diverse as the approaches they’re taking to harness light in the service of data. Here’s our 30,000-foot view of the field.
Ayar Labs' silicon photonics

Ayar Labs Mounts Chip-to-Chip Optical Connectivity Campaign

Ayar Labs raised $130 million during a Series C funding round in April. Can its silicon photonics approach become all things to all of its semiconductor company investors?
silicon photonics

Shedding Light on Silicon Photonics

Light-based technologies appear poised to move beyond data transport to a range of real-world applications.
optical interconnects silicon photonics

Let There Be Light

Photons are powering more components across data centers, wireless networks and, soon, edge AI deployments.
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What Caught Our Eye This Week

Velodyne-Boston Dynamics, Autonomous Trucking, Self-Driving Doubts Grow

Pedestrian Rights Move to the Forefront in Traffic Safety Report

As pedestrian deaths spike, a report from the National Safety Council signals a fundamental shift in focus from passengers to passersby.
semiconductor inventory

Semiconductor Inventory Cut Looming, or Just a Scare?

Samsung’s cutback signals the next inventory reduction cycle in response to inflationary pressures.
pedestrian safety NCAP NHSTA

‘Road Safety for All’ Raises Stakes for Automakers

ADAS features designed to protect pedestrians take on importance in upcoming spin of NHTSA new-car safety rating system.
transportation DC Metro Silver Line

Why Drivers Should Fund Rail

Revenues from road users ought not be committed primarily to roads.
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What Caught Our Eye This Week

Electronics inside Russian weapons, security hole in Mega cloud, China’s space-based solar power station
venture capital for semiconductor manufacturing and resilient supply chains

Investors Lobby Feds to Expand Tech Partnerships

A ‘deep-tech’ investment fund emerges as a key player in the drive to revive U.S. semiconductor manufacturing.
automotive electronics CPU MCU

NXP Drives Automotive Chip Race Without Big Brains

The chip maker hopes to bring together all the software for a next-generation vehicle platform – but without a big, central CPU at the wheel.
Art of herding cats

RISC-V’s CTO on the Art of Herding Cats

Managing a fast-growing open-source community is not for the fainthearted, but Mark Himelstein keeps the new specs coming.
China Great Wall

China’s Achilles’ Heel

The nation’s intractable disunity may offer an opening for Western industrialists.
fabless semiconductor production and IDM

The Fabless Semiconductor Model is Flawed

Here is how to fix it.
Edge AI computing

Truth About Edge AI in MCUs: Is It Worth It?

NXP’s approach seeks to address the mismatch between long-lived embedded chips and evolving AI applications.
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What Caught Our Eye This Week

NHTSA’s crash data, Canada’s new cyber attack disclosure law, MCU rankings
Internet of Things IoT connected devices Arm

Ian Drew: On IoT and Life After Arm

Writing his own obituary has helped him clarify the goals that he had yet to fulfill. Arm’s former CMO discusses why he started

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