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Augmented Reality on Factory Floor

Revealing AR’s Unintended Consequences on the Factory Floor

Technological advances, whether Industry 4.0 or AR/VR, do not solve a decades-old productivity dilemma: Short-term efficiency in production lines is not necessarily compatible with long-term adaptability.
Intel mega-fab in Ohio

Intel Prepares to Break Ground on Ohio Fab

The ground-breaking ceremony near Columbus includes an impressive guest list.
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What Caught Our Eye This Week

California targets Tesla, CHIPS Act ‘race’ begins
Tesla Full Service Driving

California’s Missed Opportunity to Regulate Tesla

William H. Widen of the University of Miami School of Law argues legislation passed this week in California targeting Tesla fails to make public roads safer
Dave Doherty, president and COO of Digi-Key Corp.

Digi-Key Plays the Darwin Card

Digi-Key demonstrates how to successfully navigate the vicissitudes of the rapidly evolving electronic component distribution market.
Intel Pathfinder

A Reborn Intel Enters the RISC-V Ecosystem

Aspiring to become a facilitator in the open source RISC-V community, Intel is decidedly humble in its approach to enabling SoC designers who use RISC-V cores.
BMW iX hands-free driving

Undefined, Unregulated Hands-Free Driving Means Unsafe Roads

Calling their vehicles “Level 2” gives automakers a free pass to blame drivers for crashes since Level 2, by definition, means human drivers are responsible for all driving — with or without hands. A recent crash raises concerns that BMW might be practicing unsafe testing of a iX test vehicle, using Level 2 designation as a security blanket.
alternate reality glasses

Startups Seek to Crash the Metaverse Party

Entrepreneurs are focusing on smart eyeglasses, audio, touch and the wireless connections needed to create an alternate reality.
hands free driving

Look, Kids! No Hands!

What the hands-free driving ads miss is the primordial urge to grab the steering wheel.
metaverse logo

Metaverse, Omniverse–How Versed Can We Get?

The promise of Infinite communications in 3D worlds.
foreign tech investment

Proposed ‘Reverse CFIUS’ Would Curb China Investments

If enacted, outbound investments by U.S. companies could be scrutinized by a proposed interagency review panel.
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What Caught Our Eye This Week

Huawei sends shivers, Ford cuts workforce
fab investment partnership

Intel Seeks to Lessen Cash Squeeze With Brookfield Deal

Intel’s new funding partnership highlights capex pressures facing the chipmaker as it seeks to expand fab capacity.
Untether AI's new accelerator

Untether AI Aims to Become Nvidia of AI Inference

Startup goes after a fragmented inference AI market where there are no general-purpose inference accelerators capable of processing AI workloads across different applications.

BMW iX Crash: Getting at the Cause

Many reporters covering the crash glommed onto one issue: Was BMW’s iX ‘test car’ a self-driving vehicle? That question misses the point.
Intel chiplet system of chips

Chiplets Are a Second Path to Higher Integration

An emerging infrastructure supporting multiple dies in a package could reorder the global semiconductor industry.

Unanswered Questions in the Aftermath of Fatal BMW Crash

The Aug. 15 iX ‘test vehicle’ crash raises more questions about the advisability of AV’s traversing public roads.
FinFET-on-GaN wafer from Finwave Semiconductor

Finwave Looks to Disrupt RF Markets With First FinFETs on GaN

Startup is developing key devices aimed at breaking through 5G millimeter-wave challenges.
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What Caught Our Eye This Week

Philips shakeup, China’s CATL to make EV batteries in Hungary.
foundry semiconductor manufacturing

Intel Foundry Future Explained

Will Intel have to divide itself to conquer the foundry business?

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