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electrical and electronics engineering as a career

CHIPS Act: Opening a Pipeline for New Engineers

By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
The CHIPS Act has become law, fueled by the political will to shore up America’s manufacturing and technological edge to counter China. The pandemic-induced global chip shortage helped generate bipartisan support for the new legislation as both government and industry came to the realization that decades of offshoring might have been a mistake. But ultimately, the CHIPS Act will be deemed successful only if it broadens the pipeline of U.S.-educated EEs who are trained and ready to step into jobs at the promised domestic facilities.

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Intel Tripped by ‘Execution’ Challenges; Can it Rise Again?

By Bolaji Ojo

Are the best days of Intel Corp. behind the microprocessor giant? This question begs for an honest answer after the company posted what can best be described as dismal second quarter results today with revenue, gross profit margins and operating margins plunging to depths unheard of in the company’s recent history. A small net loss completed the rout.

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semiconductor sales and orders and inventory

Renesas Grows but ‘Unbelievable’ Orders Trigger Concerns

By Bolaji Ojo

Renesas Electronics Corp. entered the second half of 2022 significantly stronger than it began the year, but the automotive semiconductor giant is proceeding cautiously with future production and inventory plans and will be closely watching order patterns due to what executives see as substantial mismatches in orders and consumption patterns.

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