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TSMC investment in EU under European Chips Act

TSMC in the Running for European Chips Act Funding

Proposed fabs are seen as a way of reviving the EU’s chip manufacturing ecosystem.
China R&D spending

China Seen Outspending U.S. in R&D by 2025

U.S. still leads thanks to corporate investment, but China is poised to become the world’s top funder of science and technology research.
Inside ST's Fab

ST Doubles Down on Internal Chip Production

A strong IDM model is seen as key to explosive revenue growth in an era of industrywide component shortages.
Two cars accident

PreAct Going Close-Up to Cut Lidar Cost

Startup eyes $45 bill of materials for near-field devices that foretell collisions.
MEMS microspeaker for hearables, wearables Bosch Asioso

MEMS Microspeakers Target ‘Smart’ Hearables

Bosch’s acquisition of Arioso Systems signals the next round of MEMS technology innovation.
George, Junko, Bola talk to Tu Le

Podcast: China’s EV/AV Sectors on a Roll

Tu Le of Sino Auto Insights steers us through the nascent mobility sectors and considers potential potholes like future overcapacity.
Caista Redmond

RISC-V Beyond Embedded: How Many Cores Will It Take?

Engineers are using the RISC-V core to add functions to their SoCs – but not as a full-fledged processor.
in-vehicle software updates GM Red Hat Linux OS for GM Ultifi

GM, Red Hat Join Forces on Auto OS

The Linux-based operating system facilitates vehicle software updates and ‘functional safety.’
AutoX, Robotaxi in China

Nvidia Accelerates China’s Transition From EVs to AVs

Chinese ADAS/autonomous-vehicle development is riding the wave of EV momentum. The question is how soon and to what degere Chinese OEMs plan to go autonomous with their EVs.

Nigeria Targets Robotics to Boost Hardware Skills

A group of ‘revolutionaries’ led by a committed educator are attempting to lift Nigeria out of its technology malaise.
Nio premium EVs China Tesla battery swapping

Nio: The Anti-Detroit Hits the Accelerator

China’s answer to Tesla has leveraged government support to position itself as the next disruptor of the global auto industry.
Baidu Apollo Robotaxi

Robotaxis Get Real in China

Driverless tests are on deck in several Chinese cities as vendors of AV ride-hailing software pursue their programs. But actual services are still years away.
Nio Battery Swapping

China Is About to Redefine EVs

Technology advancements are redefining how people use EVs and how EVs must be designed, and China is leading the charge.
China lithium-ion battery manufacrturing

China Owns EV Battery Manufacturing — For Now

Laser-like focus, perseverance and plenty of cash have enabled Chinese manufacturers to dominate the electric-vehicle battery sector.
automotive supply chain process

Shackled By the Automotive Supply Chain Crisis

Structural weaknesses and flawed practices inside the automotive industry have played a part in the pandemic-induced semiconductor shortage.
Pat Gelsinger executive team at Intel Corp.

Remaking Intel

Pat Gelsinger has taken ‘hands on’ management to extremes, executing sweeping changes to restore Intel’s lost glory and gird it for new battles. Will the shakeup work?
Uniphy Canvya optics techology for smart surfaces

Beyond Touch: Uniphy Looks to Light Up the User Interface

Focusing initially on auto interiors, the U.K. startup aims to flip the script, conforming its optical technology to a myriad of surfaces.
Western exports controls on technology shipments to Russia in response to Ukraine invasion

Western Tech Sanctions on Russia Begin to Bite

A multilateral approach to export controls is squeezing Russia’s supply chains, hampering its ability to resupply its military.
red tape while entering Japan during pandemic Covid-19

A Harrowing Journey, A Last Goodbye

My long trip ‘home’ was a fraught but ultimately fruitful reminder that borders are for crossing.

Leti Answers Europe’s Call for Digital Sovereignty with FD-SOI

New CEO Sebastian Dauvé sees much promise in Leti’s More-than-Moore approach.

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The Ojo-Yoshida Report is timely, insightful and sometimes provocative. I always learn something valuable in each edition, intelligent perspectives about our industry you cannot get anywhere else. Thank you and keep up the great work! 

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Junko and Bolaji are kickstarting a renaissance in semiconductor insight! It’s so rare these days to find such a wealth of timely, thoughtful coverage. But OYR manages to produce, every week. Well done!

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When I heard that Junko and Bolaji were launching The Ojo Yoshida Report, I instantly got out my credit card and became their first paid subscriber.  Junko and Bolaji are uniquely knowledgeable and insightful about our industry, and are constantly asking important questions.  I never fail to learn from their reporting.

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I find The Ojo-Yoshida Report one of the most uncompromising and worth reading reports in the ADAS / AV industry.
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The tech industry is vibrant, complex, and important. High-quality analysis & reporting is crucial to understand & influence the trajectory and impact of tech. Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo are the voice.  I highly recommend checking out the

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I don’t need news, I need intelligent insight. That’s why I read Ojo-Yoshida Report. It’s challenging interviews with industry experts, informative podcasts and knowledge-enhancing content. It’s Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo at their finest. It’s the source I use to find out what the news means.

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A lot of people ask me how to get started in autonomous vehicles. I started by reading what few great blogs/newsletters exist in the space. One of them is the Ojo-Yoshida Report, from Junko Yoshida & Bolaji Ojo. Paid sub, but quality is worth it.

Alex Roy, Director of Special Operations @ Argo AI. Founder: No Parking Podcast, Autonocast, The Drive, Noho Sound.

Most original and insightful voice…

Thank you, Junko, for another deeply insightful and perceptive article. You’ve got me pegged. I’m attracted to great companies, like Velodyne, that I can lead to the next level of greatness. Velodyne will continue to expand its technology innovation leadership while delivering industry-leading financial results and shareholder value. You are the most original and insightful voice among semiconductor industry writers because you understand both the technology and human factors of success like no one else. Keep up the great work with the Ojo-Yoshida Report!
Ted Tewksbury. CEO, Velodyne Lidar