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What's a Chiplet, Why Now?

What’s a Chiplet? Why Now?

Is the idea of creating mix-and-match “Lego block” chiplets
just a mirage or a practical aspiration for the semiconductor industry?
The Ojo-Yoshida Report launches a must-watch Dig Deeper Video
Podcast Series on Chiplets on Nov. 29 .

The ‘Smart’ Home: If It Only Had a Brain

By David Benjamin

Once upon a time at the Consumer Electronics Show, the “smart home” was all the rage and just around the corner. It exploited a host of new technologies and launched great expectations for household convenience and connectivity. It was promoted and celebrated at CES in veritable floor shows on the show floor.

That was then. Now, in a panel discussion last week, six smart-home analysts enumerated the hitches and glitches that have kept most homes stubbornly stupid—or at least blissfully ignorant—for decades.

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Expert panel on 'The Spinning Wheel of Technology – On the Road to Trusted Mobility,' hosted by Veoneer

CES Robocar Panel: ‘Humans Are in the Loop’

By David Benjamin

Call CES 2023 the Consumer Electronics Show of deferred dreams, during which some of high-tech’s loftiest aspirations seem to have hit a snag.

Thursday morning at the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center offered a vivid example of this theme, when a panel of automotive safety experts agreed that the dreamt-of era of autonomous vehicles (AV) is years away, a judgment rooted in the thorny issues of “how safe is safe” and how to get a partly, mostly or “fully” self-driving car to get along with the human “driver” inside.

Veoneer hosted the expert panel on “The Spinning Wheel of Technology – On the Road to Trusted Mobility.”

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electric vehicle developmenbt

Foxconn’s Automotive Ambitions Meet Nvidia’s Platform

By Junko Yoshida

Foxconn, a contract manufacturer of Apple iPhones, has forged a partnership with Nvidia. The move underscores the electronic manufacturing services giant’s pivot toward the auto market.

While bolstering Foxconn’s automotive ambitions, the deal announced during CES 2023 in Las Vegas also provides GPU leader Nvidia with a tier-one ally eager to extend deployment of Nvidia’s Hyperion development platform among a growing list of electric vehicle upstarts.

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What Caught Our Eye This Week

Infineon CEO Sees Acquisitions in its Future
The Ojo-Yoshida Report has recommended Infineon Technologies “bulk up with strategic acquisitions” to remain a “strong European brand for generations to come.”

That’s exactly what the German company has in mind, and is already on the lookout with acquisition plans “to boost growth,” according to a report citing CEO Jochen Hanebeck. Infineon is looking to spend “in the range of a few billion euros,” Hanebeck told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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